A Fresh Cut Lawn

No one can ignore the beauty of a fresh cut lawn. The smell of freshly mowed grass is a delight to the senses. One feels satisfaction looking on the land just taken care of and the effort and time it took to make it look so good. You may do it for yourself, the feeling of taking care of your property and it looking spectacular. There’s also a chance that you do it because you know what goes through your head when one of your neighbors lets their lawn go unmowed just a bit too long. Alternatively, maybe it’s the source of your income and you provide a service to others.


If you’ve decided to look for a new mower, then most likely you quickly realized the sheer number of options out there for you to choose from. You may be replacing a mower that you’ve had as long as you can remember or quite possibly this is your first one. No matter your situation, the hunt for the perfect one can be tiresome and daunting. Do you look for a traditional walk behind or do you upgrade to something new and innovative that you’ve never seen before? First, it’s important to exactly what’s out there. Lawn mower lane has a comprehensive list of lawn mowers, ranging from traditional to self-powered.

It’s hard to claim that all traditional mowers are the same because they aren’t. You can choose a gas mower that is self-propelled. They come with an auto choke and take away the stress of pushing your mower across your lawn. Unfortunately, with this type, you cannot control the speed of the mower like you can when you push it yourself.

So maybe you want a mower that keeps the traditional look but is electric. You don’t need to pull a cord to start it up. Instead, you simply plug it in and push a button when you are ready to start. One other convenient aspect of this lightweight mower is that it can be folded up, allowing you to save storage space. Gas free mowing makes the process quieter and exhaust free. You will feel good about what you’re doing and your neighbors will be grateful for the break from the noise.

What if you care about the environment, but aren’t ready to commit entirely to the electric models equipped with a cord and short battery life? It’s now possible to get a lithium battery powered mower. It’s cordless making it convenient to use, along with the fact it’s lightweight and therefore easy to maneuver. The battery lasts longer than other electric models, ensuring that you finish the job before the battery dies.

Ride Along

It’s not always practical to purchase a push mower. Depending on the amount of land you need to cover or certain physical conditions, it’s often smarter to choose a ride along model.

There are a wide variety of riding mowers on the market. Some specifically designed for neighborhood mowing whereas others cater to professionals who service lawns. It’s possible to get models that resemble tractors and are equipped with headlights or to get machines that have a removable deck. The aforementioned removable deck is a unique feature. You can detach it from underneath the machine and you find yourself looking at an off-road vehicle that you can have a little fun with.

For serious mowers who require a machine with plenty of horsepower, that’s not a problem. However, a frustration can be the offered alternative steering. Some users find this steering frustrating and unnecessary. It’s important to research exactly what you’re comfortable with and looking for.

In regards to neighborhood mowers, there are models equipped with the ability to handle tight turns and short rows. They are also able to help you mulch that flowerbed and keep it safe.

No matter what you are looking for, you are able to learn about and compare the different types of riding mowers. There’s no need to make an uninformed purchase.

Mowers of the future

What if you didn’t have to mow your own lawn, but you also didn’t have to pay someone else to do it for you? It may sound impossible, but with new technology, it is not. In fact, it’s quite simple and becoming more affordable day by day.

To use these new robotic mowers you simply program them, ensure they are charged and then let them do all the work. You and your neighbors will be impressed with this tiny worker. They are quiet and can work in the dark, so you avoid the stress of trying to plan the best time to mow. Even better, your family and onlookers will be safe if they try and pick up the machine to investigate because as a safety feature it automatically shuts off.

As you can tell, there are plenty of options for you to choose from out there. Now go out, learn as much as you can, and make an informed purchase to get that fresh cut lawn.