Common Mistakes to Avoid When Vacuuming Your Carpet

I know what you must have been asking yourself when you saw the title of this article; how on earth could I possibly be vacuuming incorrectly? If this was an accurate assumption, then you may be in for a surprise. Yes, there are actually tendencies that you shouldn’t be doing when vacuuming your carpet. My goal is to inform you of some of the biggest so the next time you vacuum, you do so avoiding common practices. For starters, before I dive into the big ones, you are going to want the best vacuum cleaner possible. To ensure you do, Vacuum Seek has outlined the best vacuum for carpet. Now, let’s officially start the list.

Not Emptying Your Vacuum

To properly vacuum your home, you don’t have to be a mad scientist. However, you still need to have some common sense. The dust that is being accumulated by your vacuum doesn’t dissipate. On the contrary, it gets stored in the vacuum’s bag (or cylinder). So, it shouldn’t surprise you when I tell you that eventually, that bag will fill up. If you don’t empty it (which is not a hard process), your vacuum will not work efficiently.

Skipping Any Prepping

No, vacuuming is not a solo process. Most of the time, you are going to have to do some prepping. I am not talking about moving every single piece of furniture in your home (as that would not be feasible), but just some basic prepping. For example, shaking out your rugs before vacuuming them. Also, moving small items (stands, chairs, etc.) out of the way so you can vacuum underneath them.

“Mowing” Your Lawn

Alright, so let me explain what I mean by this. When you mow your lawn, you do so in straight lines (back and forth). If you do this when vacuuming your carpets, you won’t get a thorough cleaning. Sometimes (as opposed to grass), bacteria and particles can sit deep in carpets. This means that to vacuum everything up, you are going to want to go in multiple directions. Oftentimes, (depending on how often you vacuum) you will need to go over the same spot multiple times. See, this is exactly why I would rather mow my lawn.

Doing the Job Quickly

This really goes hand in hand with the previous mistake. As a human being, sometimes you want to rush things. Trust me, I have been in that situation multiple times. However, you must avoid (at all costs) vacuuming your carpet at a rapid pace. If you do this, you won’t give the vacuum enough suction time and you will leave particles behind. Thus, you won’t be very happy with the results.

It seems silly that you can vacuum incorrectly. For me, I could hardly believe it when I first researched it. However, all of the points make perfect sense. Admittedly, they are all practices that I have done in the past. I am hoping that after this read, you won’t make these same mistakes again.