Content Hourlies: A Great Website to Write For

Are you getting tired of writing for websites that do not give what you are due? It could be the lack of communication between you and the higher-ups. Or you may not be getting sufficient compensation for the articles you write. Perhaps it could be the high rejection rates of clients that do not explain where you went wrong. Well, it may be time for you to switch websites to work for, and one suggestion for you is Content Hourlies.

Quick, Easy Registration

Applying as a writer at Content Hourlies is simple. The information that you have to fill up will not even take much of your time. Furthermore, the registration form is quite straightforward. Also, the moderator will approve your account within a week. After being accepted, you can pick a job or post a gig right away.

Fair Rates

In Content Hourlies, there is a level system among writers which allows appropriate filtering of quality. At 2-star, which offers 1.28 cents per word, you can write articles for link building. Only native English-speakers may get promoted to 3-star and above. Of course, you need to have your approved work to be evaluated for you to get promoted. Lastly, 3-star articles and 4-star articles have a rating of 1.60 cents per word and 2.40 cents per word, respectively.

Convenient User Interface

Content Hourlies is a well-organized platform. The user interface makes it hard to get lost and not know what to do. The top menu has what you need to navigate around the website. And the frequently-asked questions are at the bottom. Even for clients, the website is user-friendly. See the Comparison of Content Providers: Upwork vs Content Hourlies vs Textbroker – The Small Business Blog if you want proof of its simplicity.

Amicable and Clear Communication

Content Hourlies has approachable clients and staff. You may email the moderator if you have any questions. Instructions are clear when writing for an article. Also, clients always explain what you should revise in your article instead of outright rejecting it. For writers, these mean a lot because communication is a requirement for ensuring loyalty and quality performance.

Plenty of Work With Topic Variety

Even without posting a gig, you can always find a job on the board every day. These articles undergo grouping into projects, so you can easily find topics that interest you. Furthermore, starting a task is easy, just find one that you are qualified for and then click the “Write article” button. You have 4 hours to finish and submit, which is surely plenty of time for you to get ideas and write them down. With Content Hourlies, you can find various satisfying work for earning some cash.

Rejection Happens Rarely

At Content Hourlies, you really must have to be such a bad writer to have an article rejected. Before a rejection occurs, an article must fail many revisions. Also, each one comes with a clear explanation of what to change. It takes someone who does not read instructions and who has horrible writing to undergo rejection. If you are doing your best in your tasks, you will rarely experience this.


Content Hourlies may still be new and small, but it is a great writing platform. There is clear communication, which is always something that writers want from who they work. Furthermore, the level system makes it rewarding for you to write more and improve to gain access to higher paying jobs. Also, there are lots of jobs available for you to choose from, and new ones come in every day. Moreover, you will not be abused in this site because rejections are often reasonable and you have to go through revisions. Overall, switching to Content Hourlies may be a wise choice for you and your career.