Don’t Like the Gym? Get a Beach Body at Home!

Sweaty bodies, strange smells, show-offs, not to mention traffic, parking, childminding costs… there are plenty of reasons to avoid going to the gym. Some of us are simply misanthropes –does that mean that we’re doomed never to have a gorgeous body ready to show off on the beach when summer comes? Of course not!

Everything you need 

The main advantages of the gym are actually few: They enable you to use equipment that you might not be able to afford (or want) to buy. You can make friends and encourage each other. They often have personal trainers who can design fitness programmes for you, teach you how to train and help you stick to your programme.

None of this, of course, is necessary to get a great body. Modern work-out gyms weren’t around 2,000 years ago, but if the sculptures of ancient Rome are anything to go by, pretty much everyone had an awesome body back then. The fact is that you have everything you need all around you – it’s more a case of avoiding what you don’t need (that double chocolate ice cream, for example).

The less you put in, the more you get out 

If you’re embarking on any kind of fitness plan, be it at the gym or not, you need to get advice on your intake of calories and nutrients. If you just want to get in shape but you’re not particular about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, this will mostly come down to common sense. If you’re overweight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Avoid processed foods and don’t neglect your important groups – vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and fats. That’s right, you have to keep eating fats – just make sure they’re the right ones.

There’s no need for this to have a huge impact on your family diet. If you’re already eating a balanced diet, you won’t need to change anything. If you’re building muscle, you might need to eat more, but you can still eat the same things. If you and your family are partial to a pizza or a cake from time to time, you don’t have to miss out – just factor it into your weekly intake.

Working out at home 

Working out at home can be great in so many ways. Time saved is obviously a major benefit – you can get your morning run, push-ups, sit-ups etc. all done in less than the time it would take you to drive to the gym. You can work out whilst you’re watching TV – do an online search for the muscle group you want to work out and you’ll be able to find exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

If you don’t want to go outside due to the rain, or perhaps because you want to watch the rest of your favourite soap opera, no problem! A home treadmill is a great idea in these circumstances. At TreadmillTrends you can choose the right treadmill for you, whether you want to set it up in front of your TV or keep it hidden away from the prying eyes of anyone who might be walking past.

Don’t cut corners 

If you remember the Karate Kid movie, you’ll know that you can get a pretty good workout simply from doing mundane household chores anyway. This is not a myth. If you spend your time at home scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the windows by hand and digging flower beds in the garden, the chances are you’re working out the old-fashioned way, that is to say, without trying. In fact, you can probably get the body you want by simply doing without some of the creature comforts we’ve got so used to in this day and age. Walk wherever you have the chance, use a hand saw instead of an electric saw, carry logs on your back instead of in a barrow. Not only will you be sculpting your body without trying, you’ll be saving plenty of money in the process.

So don’t beat yourself up about not wanting to go to the gym. You’ll probably look and feel better if you don’t bother going anyway.