Ideas and Inspiration for Your Laser Engraving Business

Laser engraving is some kind of art that you can also turn into a profitable business venture.

Starting your own laser engraving venture is simple, but you must choose the appropriate equipment and choose whether you’ll focus on a specific niche engraving service.

The following is a summary of the features you need to look in your laser cutter, ideas for launching your own business, as well as information on how to train while on the job.

Create personalized objects

Laser engraving requires a specific set of skills. When you acquire them, you can learn to create personalized objects that are beautifully crafted, highly salable, and bespoke.

You need to learn some special skills, which don’t require formal education. What’s more important is to gain some practical experience and improve your technique as a result.

Search for perfection

Laser engraving is seen as a form of art and there’s little room for error when creating engraved ornaments or doing photo engraving.

It’s wise to learn your trade and perfect your hobbyist skills. Once you’ve reached a given standard, you may consider making money out of your art.

List of equipment

To carry out laser engraving, you’ll need graphic design software and metal laser cutter. Needham Coding sells this equipment and more.

Find an adaptable laser cutting machine, one that can cut most materials, including plastic and acrylic. This reduces your setup expenses when you only require minimal equipment.

Graphic software will allow you to design and showcase your creation that’s print-ready on your chosen material.

Business ideas

There are plenty of ways to make money through laser engraving. You can choose to create a niche offering custom signage or offer etched glasses in weddings.

About one third of all laser engravers have their own business and work for themselves. The rest often find work in wholesale or retail employment. If you’ve got a flair for creativity and entrepreneurship, engraving may be a lucrative business for you.

Another possible career route may be to find paid work initially, to gain vital experience, giving you the chance to start your own business when you’ve got more knowledge and confidence.

On-the-job training

There’s plenty to be said about getting professional training. Finishing a rigorous training program that lasts about a year can get you ready.

This period might also highlight what kinds of engraving jobs you want to do as well as what your skills are best suited to.

Training may be based on material or technique. It could be a mix of the two as well. When you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll be better positioned to pursue a variety of business or career options.

Optional education

Engravers have no strict requirements when it comes to formal education. But it may be worth considering extra options to improve your know-how and experience.

A curriculum covering drawing, illustration concepts, and art history might provide a great foundation for your engraving career.

Check with your nearest art center or local community college to find out if you can join a course focused on certain engraving techniques. This will speed up your learning process as you’ll be taught laser engraving methods in a class setting.

Your local college may offer a degree in jewelry or gemology. This will give you broader education and if engraving is included, it can be useful.

Go for courses that include jewelry design, metal polishing and casting, and computer-aided design. All of these are useful skills and may help provide a good education foundation.

Become a specialist

You engraving business can really flourish if you choose a specialized engraving area with a strong demand.

For example, if you opt to focus on engraving jewelry or glassware, it may quickly help you build a client base and reputation.

Research your preferred niche market to assess the possibility of regular work. Consider contacting companies that would want your engraving work. For example, wedding planners can be a potential market if you’re engraving glass products.

Plenty of options

Laser engraving comes with many different options. The countless range of wood projects underlines this fact. Boxes and cabinet doors are just a couple of examples of good engraving ideas.

Consider testing your skills on many different materials. This way, you’ll get inspiration for new ideas for your business and develop a niche.