Make the Most of Your Music Career With a Website

A very common misconception these days with musicians is that with all of the social media platforms available for free, that paying to build a website is unnecessary. The fact is, even if you’re just a music hobbyist, a well-made website can go a long way in maximizing your social media presence. Here are just a couple reasons why building a personal page for your music is beneficial.

You Have Control of Your Site

When you have your own website you have full control of how your material is delivered and viewed. The user sees exactly what you want them to, unlike social media where they easily become distracted from ads or user comments or random links. Your website is a safe space where their focus is where it should be, on you and your music. You also can design your webpage to reflect the look of your new album art. This goes a long way in showing your fanbase your personal style and flair. A website ultimately creates a deeper experience for the user than a social media page can.

Your Website is Yours

This one many people overlook. Your website is a place where your fans always know they can find the information they are looking for.
As long as you own your URL, you’ll always be able to be found. This is not true for social media applications. There can be many artists with the same or similar names on social media. This can be confusing and often times discouraging. No matter how popular a social media platform might seem now, as we’ve seen, they can go out of style. By building your own site you don’t have to worry about going down with the ship.

Have Better Control of Your Sales

Do you have albums or merchandise for sale? Social media pages charge a fee for selling through their networks. By selling directly from your site you cut out the middleman, and for many musicians, this helps because every penny counts. Also, when selling directly, you can build in functionality which allows fans to sign up for email or event lists while they’re checking out. This also applies to other social media accounts you might have. Just because someone is a fan on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean they follow your Twitter. Use the checkout process to make sure they know about all your pages online.

If you’re a musician who would like help building a professional and functional website, click here for more info.