Quadcopter Expert Tips: 8 Ways to Extend Your Battery Life to Fly Longer

Your quadcopter might come with all the features you always dreamt of, and it might be fast it amazes you. Nevertheless, all these are of no use if the flight time is short and the battery doesn’t last as long as you might want it to last. Just like many other quadcopter owners, you must have tried to look for alternative ways to extend the battery life of your device. Let us explore some practical ways to make your battery last longer, which translates into a longer flight time.

1. Drop Some Weight

The more weight the quadcopter carries, the faster your battery gets used up. The solution – drop some extra weight to cut your battery some slack. If your quadcopter comes with extra padding in terms of foam, do away with it. The foam has been known to take up to half the total weight of the quadcopter. Apart from reducing the weight, the foam reduces wind resistance, adding some much-needed speed to the device.

2. Never Let the Battery Get to Zero

Manufacturers are clear on this – if you let your battery drain completely, it wears out faster. This in turn cuts on your battery’s lifespan. Make sure you know when to take a flight and when to put the battery to charge. Avoid getting the quadcopter in the air when the battery is 20 percent or below. Instead, plug it into the charger.

A reduction in the life of the battery has long-standing consequences. Even if you charge it, you won’t achieve the same flight time as before. Additionally, make sure you get a full charge on your new quadcopter before taking it up in the air. A 6 hours’ continuous charge does the trick.

3. Fly Minus the Camera

It s a cool thing to see what is happening at a distance via camera recording, but this comes at a price  – it sucks the charge out of your battery faster. The cameras aren’t so heavy, but they use a lot of power to operate. The cameras are directly linked to the battery because they need power to record and take images. If the camera is detachable, remove it and fly without one.

4. Select a Conservative Flight Mode

Most quadcopters give you the option of toggling between different flight modes depending on your battery power and flight needs. You can choose the conservative mode if you need the flight mode to be less aggressive. Choosing this flight mode decreases the sensitivity of the transmitter, which consequently reduces power consumption.

5. Replace the Battery with One with a Higher mAh

The milliamp Hours (mAh) is a measure of the energy capacity of a battery. If you realize that the quadcopter’s flight time is reducing as the days go by and you are still operating on the original batteries, you need a replacement. This is a chance for you to get a battery with a higher capacity. However, make sure that you get the same battery model that is compatible with your quadcopter.

6. Work With the Weather Conditions

Windy conditions reduce the battery life extensively. Fighting wind takes up more energy as compared to flying on a calm day. Make sure you use the weather conditions to your advantage. A calm evening gives you more flight time.

7. Cut down on the Flips and Stunts

It is very tempting to show your prowess (especially with an audience available) of handling the quadcopter by performing aerial stunts and flips. However, remember that those cool maneuvers that come with the controller need a little thrust on your part – this thrust needs more power. If possible, cut down on the flips or disable the functions altogether.

8. Buy Extra Batteries

This approach works by reducing the strain on your battery. It also helps you fight against short flight times. Use these batteries for drones that allow you to change the batteries easily.


These tips will help you get longer flight time on your battery, and while doing so, extend your battery life. However, you need to understand that the type of drone you own also affects the charge. You need to have a quadcopter that allows you to change various settings, and allows you to change the battery easily as well. Get the best quadcopter by consulting and following expert guidelines. This review gives you a nice read, helping you make the perfect purchasing choice.