Three Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Believe it or not, the end of the year and Christmas is fast approaching us, and so is that time to get creative with the presents again.

It can be hard shopping for your significant other, especially when they’re hard to shop for and say things like “I don’t want anything this year” or “I can’t think of anything else we need.” Partners like this require careful, methodical research and observation from awkward angles and at inconvenient times. However, the joy that comes with presenting them with a gift that they just can’t help but be excited about, all that time and effort was worth it. To make it a little bit easier, here are three creative Christmas gift ideas that show just how much you love them, and how much effort you put into the process.

The first creative Christmas gift idea will save him those three plus trips he makes to the supermarket every week to stock up on the ever-depleting supply of beer in the fridge – the craft beer making kit.

This nifty gift comes with all the parts that it takes to draw from his artisan roots and learn what is needed to make beer from scratch – he’ll appreciate the taste a lot more if he’s worked hard to make it. Making up to 2 gallons of beer at a time, he’s sure to be kept occupied and even put in a little bit of work for all that beer he ends up drinking on the couch at the end of the week. Happy partner, happy you! And hopefully, he won’t get sick of it either – it’s one that’s sure to last the miles in practicality and entertainment.

The second creative Christmas gift idea will take him back to some of his favorite childhood memories, especially if his childhood was in the nineties – a retro gaming system.

Everyone’s got a smartphone or a laptop these days, which makes gaming easier and more accessible, but who can forget those long lazy afternoons spent with friends gathered around one Nintendo or television, taking turns to clock all the levels? Check out Retro Pool – you have to see for yourself what all the fuss is about with excellent access to great reviews and all the information you could need when checking out a nostalgic gift item like a gaming system that you’re guaranteed to not know too much about yourself. With his adolescence stuck steadfastly in the past, he’ll thank you for trying to revive it by bringing back some of the best times he used to have – and it might get him off that computer for a bit, too.

The third and final creative Christmas gift idea that is bound to get him back into the kitchen and save your poor knives from getting a beating every time he tries to cut the meat – the pulled pork shredder claws.

These are definitely in the novelty item category but are surprisingly practical as well. It’s hard to achieve that pulled pork texture that seems to be so easy in all those sweet buns you get when you eat out, so something like the shredder claws is perfect if he likes to recreate this art at home. It will save time and make it much easier for him to pull that meat apart, without getting anywhere near your precious knives, thus saving you the grief so trying to decide whether it’s better to get them sharpened all over again or just purchase new ones.

There’s a lot out there this year that could very easily fall under the “perfect gift” category for him, making your life a whole lot easier when you inevitably put off even thinking about what to get him until Christmas Eve. With excellent affordable creative ideas like these, all you have to do is make sure you order them with enough time for delivery, so you’re not standing there empty handed on the big day! You can’t go wrong with doing a little bit of research and going to extra mile to see a big smile on his face – it’ll be a Christmas miracle!